Engine Diagnostics

Check engine light on? Visit Farrar Tire Center for engine diagnostics before serious problems occur.

Modern automotive systems rely on enhanced vehicle performance technology afforded by on-board computer systems. One of the essential functions of on-board technology is completing accurate engine diagnostics in the evaluation of vehicle problems. Engine diagnostics identify what part of the engine is not working properly when the "Check Engine" light displays.

Signs that engine diagnostics may be needed:

  • Warning lights are illuminated
  • Unreliable vehicle handling
  • Strange noises

Our engine diagnostics include:

  • Use of most advanced diagnostic equipment to identify problems
  • Necessary engine component repair or replacement

Prevent complicated and costly problems by having professional engine diagnostics performed at the first sign of trouble. We’ll perform complete diagnostics and address all necessary services. Contact us today to set an appointment.

What are the advantages of engine diagnostics?

Our engine diagnostic tools work with the onboard computer of your vehicle to identify a diagnostic code, and then cross-reference that code with the manufacturer vehicle codes. The solution to the vehicle problem lies within the diagnostic code, and the problems may range from simple to complex. Engine diagnostics allow our technicians to quickly provide the most accurate estimates for repair time and costs.

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