Tire Mounting

Quality tire mounting in Fayetteville, TN and Hazel Green, AL is Farrar Tire Center’s specialty. Mounting and removing a tire from a wheel requires special equipment and expert knowledge. Tires have markings that need to be checked to make certain that the tire’s bead is seated correctly. Wheels are typically equipped with a rib that locks the tire’s bead in place. Professional tire mounting will ensure the best outcome in the event of a blow out and will promote good wear and handling.

When tire mounting is needed:

  • When new tires or wheels are installed

Our tire mounting service includes:

  • Removal of the old tires
  • Mounting and sealing of the new tires
  • Inflation and balancing of the new tires

Proper tire mounting will help you problems with handling as well as tire damage. Contact us today to set an appointment.

What is involved in Tire Mounting?

When the tires or wheels on your vehicle are replaced, you will need to have them mounted and balanced. Mounting the tires involves placing the tires onto the wheels or rims and installing them onto the axles of the vehicle using tire mounting equipment. The tire beads need to be properly seated and securely mounted on the wheel, which must not be damaged or bent. When mounting the wheel to the hub of the axle, the hub must be clean and clear of debris that might cause the wheel to be seated unevenly on the hub. The wheel should be evenly seated with all the lug nuts properly secured on the bolts. Mounting and balancing should only be performed by an experienced professional, using specialized equipment.

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