Wheel Straightening

Accidentally hitting a curb or being involved in a collision can quickly result damage not only to your vehicle but also to your wheels.

Damaged wheels can quickly ruin a set of tires, and the vibrations they cause can lead to damaged steering as well as a compromised suspension system.

Even small bends in a wheel will wear out a tire before its time.

Some additional signs that wheel straightening is needed include:

  • Vibrations felt in the steering wheel when driving, particularly at faster speeds
  • A tire that does not hold air may be leaking due to wheel damage

While it may be tempting for do-it-yourselfers to try to straighten wheels to save a few bucks, for most people it is not a good idea. A poor repair job can lead to irreparably damaged wheels that require replacement. Our wheel straightening services include safe adn effective methods that allow us to restore bent wheels back into proper form. We make sure that the wheel is round, holds air when remounted to the tire, and in correct balance.

Are you in need of wheel straightening services? Come in and see us! In many cases, our experts can quickly restore bent wheels to factory condition with same day services. Contact us today to set an appointment.

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