Engine Starters

Don't be stuck with a car that won't start. Have your engine starter checked before trouble strikes. Farrar Tire Center is ready to assist.

Motor vehicle operation begins with the engine starter. The solenoid, or on some starters just a threaded part of the armature, pushes the motor’s bendix gear forward about an inch until it engages with the ring gear. This causes the starter motor to spin the engine over until the engine starts. As soon as the engine rpm exceeds the cranking speed, the bendix gear automatically retracts, and prevents the engine from spinning the starter too fast. Engine starter failure is typically the result of an issue with the bendix gear or the solenoid.

If your engine will not start and battery replacement does not resolve the issue, you may have a problem with your engine starter. Whether the problem is mechanical or electrical, our experienced professional technicians are here to assist.

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